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Downtown Dynamics - Conversions that revitalize
Meeting growing housing demands in city centers through office conversions can strengthen remaining office inventory, fortify downtown areas, and expand municipal tax bases. Simply put, a win-win! However, deep floor plates, plumbing, HVAC, windows and more, make them notoriously challenging. Read on for Prime/Capri Interests' exceptional conversion in downtown Chicago, Pembroke's state-of-the-art office refurbishment in Stockholm, and a selection of our latest residential vignettes to inspire high-net-worth individuals, looking for their next home.
111 West Monroe

In September 2022, the ambition to revitalize the historic LaSalle Street Corridor in Chicago was announced. A joint venture between Prime/Capri Interests LLC. The Prime Group, Inc. and Capri Investment Group rose to the occasion and proposed a conversion of 111 West Monroe to a mix-use building that will house 349 apartments and 226 hotel rooms.

On the ground floor, hotel guests will enter through the historic lobby off of W. Monroe St, with the residential entry located adjacent to the hotel entrance. A new fine dining restaurant is planned for the lobby and parking spaces will be built underground.

Two floors will be turned into a world-class spa and fitness center with, and on the rooftop the original Monroe Club will be reopened as an amenity for residents and hotel guests.
Combining a modern, international theme against a neo-classic setting will make for an eclectic expression and continue the contribution to the LaSalle Street Historic District, achieving the landmark status of an Orange Designated Building.

We couldn't be prouder to have partnered with Prime/Capri Interests, LLC on this spectacular project! Thank you, and congratulations to all involved!

Pembroke - Hästen 21

Next to NK, the most prestigious department store in Stockholm, sits Hästen 21. Pembroke describes it as "the pinnacle of their vision to convert one of Stockholm's most central districts to a more accessible and attractive place".
The property is designed to be flexible and will easily adapt to new needs today and in the future. "We develop the best possible workspaces with a focus on daylight, indoor climate, and green areas". Targeting LEED Platinum, Hästen 21 will be heated by geothermal heating.

The two top floors are now due to be leased out to one or two tenants. The top (ninth) floor contains 2,000 square meters of office space.

We were honored to be entrusted with the task of creating the CGI's and marketing collateral for Pembroke.
With the planned standard, and unparallelled view of the water, these office spaces are nothing short of spectacular. Nina de Besche, Avanti Partners, expects to command the highest rent in Stockholm.

Congratulations to Pembroke and Schmidt Hammer Lassen Architects on a great project!
A selection of our latest and greatest residential vignettes

Thank you for the continued support and opportunities to work on the most rewarding projects!

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