Walk the Room

Walk the Room
March 2024
CGI Renders
WtR Reel 2023
We are a customer-oriented 3D studio
dedicated to transforming commercial and residential properties into captivating experiences through advanced storytelling techniques. Our innovative approach leverages cutting-edge technology, including digital twins and interactive renders, to craft immersive and photorealistic representations. From dynamic animations to engaging virtual tours, we specialize in breathing life into real estate projects, enabling clients to explore and visualize spaces in unprecedented detail.
WtR at a glance
  • 14 years in the industry
  • 150+ recurring clients
  • Active in the US, UK, Nordics and Germany
  • 30+ team and a well established network of artists with high capacity for large projects
  • Dedicated teams: planning, project management, 3D modelling, interior design, art direction and more
  • Architects as project managers
Products and solutions
  • Renders/CGIs
  • Architectural Animation Flythroughs
  • 360 Virtual Tours
  • Marketing VR Films
  • GIFs

  • Digital Twins
  • Interactive Renders/CGIs
  • Interactive presentation
Interactive Aerial
Digital Twin
360 Virtual Tour
CGIs - Workplace
                  CGIs - Retail
                      CGIs - Residential
                                          CGIs - Hospitality
                                                  CGIs - Life Science
                                                          Get in touch
                                                          Anita Jackson
                                                          Commercial Director - North America
                                                          Phone: +1 646 968 0166
                                                          Email: anita.jackson@walktheroom.com
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