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Spring time optimism!

Dare we say we say, we're closing up on the
end of the recession?

We're not going to lie, we had to look hard for good news in our sector - but find it we did! Read on for a very short summary of Business Sweden's global financial outlook report from March and two gorgeous projects.
"The global economy has entered a mild recession expected to extend until mid-year. However, it is projected to rebound as inflation stabilizes around the 2 percent target, and central banks initiate their interest rate cut cycles. Both the Federal Reserve (FED) and the European Central Bank (ECB), as well as Riksbanken, are expected to have implemented their first interest rate cuts in June."

"Now it's just a matter of holding out for a few more months before it turns around. Next year, the economy will pick up speed, resembling a more normal year with global growth of around 3 percent, in line with growth rates before the pandemic. So, we're heading towards brighter times!"

Lena Sellgren Chief Economist, Business Sweden

Thank you Lena and Business Sweden for a great report.

Now it's time to celebrate Sweden's third largest leasing so far this year, let us introduce you to Pembroke's Hästen 21!

Hästen 21
Next to NK, the most prestigious department store in Stockholm, sits Hästen 21. Pembroke describes it as "the pinnacle of their vision to convert one of Stockholm's most central districts to a more accessible and attractive place".
The property is designed to be flexible and will easily adapt to new needs today and in the future. "We develop the best possible workspaces with a focus on daylight, indoor climate, and green areas". Targeting LEED Platinum, Hästen 21 will be heated by geothermal heating.

The two top floors are now due to be leased out to one or two tenants. The top (ninth) floor contains 2,000 square meters of office space. The next floor down is 2,400 square meters, with the possibility of creating an interconnecting staircase between the floors for a single tenant.
We were honored to be entrusted with the task of creating the CGI's and marketing collateral for the Pembroke Sweden.
With a ceiling height of 3 meters and a view of the water, these office spaces are nothing short of spectacular. Nina de Besche, Avanti Partners, expects to command the highest rent in Stockholm, i.e., around 12,000 SEK/m².
Congratulations to Pembroke and Schmidt Hammer Lassen Architects on a great project!
70 out of 79 apartments sold in less than 72 hours? It might sound too good to be true if you haven't seen this exceptional residential property. But read on, and you'll soon discover what makes Tilehouse so special.
Developed in collaboration with the renowned architectural firm Kjellander Sjöberg, Tile House is inspired by the surrounding architectural styles. The ornate details and rendered facades from the properties in "Röda Bergen", the strong industrial character in the blocks around Hälsingegatan, and the rustic design language of the buildings along Rörstrandsgatan. Selecting nuggets from every epoch, old and new is integrated into a harmonious whole.
The 79 apartments are designed in four categories – Studio, Mini-Suite, Suite, and Penthouse, ranging from 30 square meters to 143 square meters. Great care has been taken to create beautiful bright apartments with space-efficient floor plans, characterized by carefully selected, high-quality materials in natural color schemes and industrial references.
With a shared rooftop terrace with extensive views over Stockholm's rooftops and a lush courtyard inspired by The High Line in New York, Tilehouse will soon be home to a lucky few.

Thank you Kjellander Sjöberg for entrusting us with this fantastic project!

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