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Spring 2023

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May 2023
The Heart of Home - Our take on two beautiful residential projects

From Castles to cabins, we believe all great residential visualizations share a common element - location-specific features. Every location presents unique opportunities, yet they all benefit from bringing the outside in, while maintaining a sense of being secluded, in your own private haven. In this edition, we delve into two fantastic projects: a set of high-end apartments and a stunning single house. Don't miss the compilation of renders at the end!
Caprea, or Salix Caprea, takes its name from the Latin term for the Great Sallow. Fun fact, the Great Sallow's extensive root system helps stabilize soil and control erosion, much like the effect the project will have on its surroundings. Built on one of the last, highly sought after sites in Stockholm, in an area comparable to NYC's upper east side, the development replaces a gas station, seamlessly completing a beautiful stretch of buildings, bringing a sense of wholeness to the neighborhood.
Balder initiated the project with the vision of creating modern homes of international first-class standards.
The architecture exudes a distinct Scandinavian essence, employing exquisite materials that harmonize seamlessly.
Bringing the outside in extends beyond material selections.

In the case of Caprea, the interior design draws inspiration from Svenskt Tenn, a renowned boutique that captures the essence of Swedish design and craftsmanship. Thoughtfully selected furniture and decorative items, and a modern color scheme, shape
a curated and timeless home.

Architects: Utopia Arkitekter


Torpet, or "The Croft," is a beautiful example of architecture that offers the comfort and warmth of a home while maintaining a close connection to the surrounding nature.

Imagine witnessing the changing seasons or experiencing them outdoors, in complete solitude. By focusing on the experience of spending time in this home, we captured not only the architecture and interior design but also the harmonious connection to nature.

Even without nature as the focal point, the interplay of natural light and timing remains integral to the composition. Our ultimate goal was to enable the clients to easily envision themselves in their new home, engrossed in a good book with a cup of tea or enjoying
a well-deserved nap on the sofa.

Crafting such comprehensive material for a single home is a rare opportunity, but when every meticulous architectural detail receives utmost attention, how could anyone resist? Revisiting Torpet for The Inspiration has been an absolute delight and serves as a testament to its enduring qualities.

Architects: Sundberg Arkitekter

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