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February 2024
Welcoming 2024 with optimism and smart solutions
As we leave 2023 behind, there's no escaping a difficult reality. In Sweden, a predicted 16000 jobs will disappear from the building sector, and in commercial real estate increasing vacancies and tougher rent negotiations are expected. In this edition of The Inspiration we have focused on how to win pitches, from attracting specific types of tenants to prestige clients like Mercedes.
Trying to be liked by everyone, is a sure way to be loved by no one
We all know it, but having the courage to be specific is harder than it sounds. However, when there's more supply than demand, being "modern, flexible and sustainable" won't be enough. So let's bust some myths, and use this challenge to sharpen our joint approach to marketing properties and winning pitches!
Myth no 1: Giving a comprehensive understanding of the space is important

In the post pandemic world, getting people back into the office is one of the greatest challenges employers face, and with that, the focus on amenities and everything the coworkers don't get a home, is becoming increasingly important.
An abundance of daylight and a great view, courtesy of WE LAND by NCC
Myth no 2: If it's neutral people have an easier time seeing themselves in the space

Is Lagom losing its charm when it comes to interior design? We think so. Creating something specific to the property, to a type of target audience, or even a specific tenant, not only conveys the appeal of the space, it shows you went the extra mile.

Adding a logo, and changing the colours of a space to match that of the potential tenant is a surprisingly cost efficient way of getting ahead.
Showing the space with different fitouts is common practice in London, and we think it's a great way of enhancing the understanding of the potential of the space.

Use the slider above to see both fitouts.
Myth no 3: People know the location

As a reader of this newsletter you don't need to be told locations are more than longitudes and latitudes. The question is how to communicate the location in an emotional way? In Wihlborgs office building "Vista", the rooftop was not only a unique feature. Overlooking the water to Denmark it worked as a talking point for the closeness between Malmö and Copenhagen. Something that appealed to Mercedes Benz who will be moving in, in 2025.

Here's what Shirin Emeera, CEO of Mercedes-Benz Sweden and Denmark had to say about the choice of location:

Wihlborgs is truly building a flexible office for the future with many forward-thinking and sustainable solutions. Hyllie is perfect for us. We have employees living all over Skåne and in Denmark, and it is easy to get here from wherever you come. Additionally, we have our Denmark office on the other side of the bridge, making collaboration between the markets seamless.
Myth no 4: You get a second chance

Fail to prepare or prepare to fail. When competition stiffens, second chances grow scarce. This year will not be the same as the past few, and we're here to carefully and responsibly assess what material is needed to win your pitches, whether it is to completely reenvision a space, together with our architects and interior designers, or to revamp your marketing material based on a selection of styles that we have created to simplify the process.
For a full tour of Vista, scroll on:

Enjoy the expansive, panoramic view of the Øresund Bridge with immediate access to train or bus transportation.
Start your day with a freshly brewed coffee and a welcoming smile in the shared reception.

Throughout the workday, you have fantastic opportunities to work, have lunch, or conduct a large meeting on the spacious rooftop terrace, where plans for a communal orangery are in progress.

The Nordic materials chosen for the office are carefully selected for sustainability, boasting a low CO2 footprint and creating a calm and harmonious atmosphere.

The property is designed with flexibility, allowing clients to grow both horizontally and vertically, fostering the sense of community crucial for office cohesion. The largest floor plans accommodate up to 2,500 square meters, providing space for up to 180 workstations on a single floor.

Vista will be triple-certified with Gold-level Environmental Building, WELL, and Zero CO2 certifications, ensuring low energy costs, a minimal climate footprint, and a healthy indoor environment.
Thank you Wihlborgs for a great collaboration! Here's to a year of grit, growth and optimism that will propel us forward!
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